Jumaat, 23 Mei 2014

Tolong - Tolong la baca.. Banyak ilmu ngan contest ada.. Klik dan baca sendiri baru puas hati...

The True Story Of White Coffee Every Malaysian Should Know http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7209328

For anyone who has ever been hooked on a TV series before. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7255414

Have you heard of these VIP benefits by Hotlink? http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7187164

Maxis signals change for Malaysians who are tired of so-so customer service http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7255480

Want a FREE trip to Seoul to meet K-pop superstars with your best friend? http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7151774

You could win an all-expense paid VIP trip to the F1 Grand Prix in Belgium!  http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6991126

What is Power of the Circle? Why should you be a part of it now? http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7195298

[GALERI] Mural Kucing #KAX Ditemui Di Stesen LRT Masjid Jamek http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7142782

[NEW] Official Kaamatan and Hari Gawai 2014 video filmed by PETRONAS. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7294354

When was the last time you had a #MySunnySunday moment? Share it here! http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7286358

How to prepare for your first time at KL's only outdoor cinema. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7294370

Chuckei And Four Girls Share Skincare Problems Every Malaysian Girl Goes Through http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7139956

What makes your day? Here’s how a photo of it can score you a brand new phone. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7234166

These two letters could reward you more than this month's salary… http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7250808

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