Isnin, 13 April 2015

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WANTED: Malaysians who are brave enough to take up this dare. Double the reward.

5 Misconceptions Malaysians Have Of Korean Cars

9 Real Stories Of People Doing Crazy Things In The Name Of True Love

7 Unusual Foodie Experiences You Can Only Get In The Land Down Under

11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

[OFFICIAL TRAILER] Pitch Perfect 2: Who’s ready to be pitch-slapped?


Muka mamat ni nampak relaks je kan? Jangan terkejut tengok apa yang sebenarnya dia buat...

Percaya tak, setiap hari perempuan ni kena makeup mayat? Beraninya dia!

Kisah Menyayat Hati Seorang Perempuan Yang Berurus Dengan Si Mati… Saksikan.

Isnin, 23 Februari 2015

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[PENDAPAT] Kenapa Guna Yang Fake Kalau Boleh Dapat Yang Original?

UM Keluarkan Hasil Kajian Terbaru Tentang Rokok Seludup, Dan Ia Amat Mengejutkan

Things Are So Expensive Now, What Happened To Lunch For RM5?

To all Internet addicts, see how you can get 15 hours of FREE non-stop 4G LTE Internet here!

10 Ways To Ace Every Job Interview You Step Into

Get a return flight to Phuket, Krabi or Singapore when you buy this smartphone!

[ONLY IN APRIL] Look out for this booth in Mid Valley, wave and get a FREE gift!

Malaysians Who Can't Live Without Online Shopping Know What It's Like To...

11 Ideas To Get Memorable Travel Adventures Without Breaking The Bank







Malaysian beauty queen transforms into the star of a hardcore EDM video in 30 seconds.

WHOA, they let a bare chested man appear on Malaysian television? Interesting...

[VIDEO] You won’t believe how that Malay girl reacted when she got scolded for being noisy!

4 Langkah Senang Gila Untuk Menang RM1,000 Hanya Dengan Makan Keropok Diam-diam

What the heck?! You’d think he’s just a normal guy in the office until 0:27…


Khamis, 22 Januari 2015

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[NEW YEAR PROMO] Enjoy 50% more Internet on your phone!

Before you start shopping for the new year, you should check this out…

Have you seen something like this? It's said to be the future and next big thing in KL.

[PHOTOS] All These Spaces Are So Awesome, It's Hard To Believe They Are Hotels

7 Best Management Trainee Programmes In Malaysia

I never knew how easy it was to find my dream job until I saw this...

10 Harmful Beauty Mistakes You Do NOT Want To Repeat This Year

The 16 Most Unforgettable Friends We Grew Up With In School

Heard about the awesome Pos Laju Mega Sale? It’s super affordable!

Do you consider yourself a sweet talker, social superstar or top scorer? Check this out.

There's 'Goat' To Be Nothing Like 'Kambing' Home For CNY Because...

This goes out to Malaysians who enjoy traveling and taking pictures.


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