Selasa, 6 Mei 2014


You'll get goosebumps watching this beautiful video, especially at the 54th second.

What a great way to inject the spirit of unity into the hearts and minds of today's generation. Watch.

A summer camp where you can challenge your leadership skills and be surrounded by like-minded students.

Got your old iPhone 4/4s, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2 lying around somewhere? Trade it for a NEW iPhone 5s.

Always craving for ice-cream? Get a FREE supply of ice-cream for one full year!

[GIFS] 7 Ways To Do What You Thought You Never Could

Kepada semua kaki Instagram, anda boleh menang sebanyak RM7,000 dengan hashtag ini!

Want to study in any of these top universities in the world? Maxis is giving out full scholarships.

Godzilla scheduled to rip through Malaysian cinemas this 15 May.

Why not try these quick 1 minute tips for a happier you?

Be the first few foodies to join Malaysia's first ever mobile app powered food awards!

Berapa banyak Cornetto aiskrim yang boleh anda makan untuk Taylor Swift? Try lah!

You could win an all-expense paid VIP trip to the F1 Grand Prix in Belgium!

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Godzilla 2014

 How passionate are you about good food? Prove you know your stuff at #SAYSFoodAwards.

Which of these Nasi Lemak places do you like best? Vote now at #SAYSFoodAwards!

[PHOTOS] Why Are Celebrities Posing With Red Balls On Instagram?

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