Rabu, 7 Mei 2014

Moh pakat baca ramai-ramai macam-macam ada...

Want to study in any of these top universities in the world? Maxis is giving out full scholarships. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6734554

Got your old iPhone 4/4s, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2 lying around somewhere? Trade it for a NEW iPhone 5s. http://bit.ly/1mC1EG6

Godzilla scheduled to rip through Malaysian cinemas this 15 May. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6991076

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Godzilla 2014 http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6995354

Why not try these quick 1 minute tips for a happier you? http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6979354

Tahu tak? Hanya 1 minit saja boleh membawa perubahan besar kepada penjagaan Zon-V anda. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6734616

Toyota Has A New “Really Atas” Car For Yuppies Like Kuah Jenhan  http://bit.ly/1mCpxck

Be the first few foodies to join Malaysia's first ever mobile app powered food awards! http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6991116

How passionate are you about good food? Prove you know your stuff at #SAYSFoodAwards. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6995372

Berapa banyak Cornetto aiskrim yang boleh anda makan untuk Taylor Swift? Try lah! http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6979380

You could win an all-expense paid VIP trip to the F1 Grand Prix in Belgium!  http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6991126

Have you seen all the awesome perks you can get from Hotlink's 'Hot Ticket Extra'? http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7039852

Is there a kid in you who can't resist magical fairytales and spoonfuls of ice-cream? http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7051286

Dapatkan pakej percutian PERCUMA ke Disneyland Paris dengan keluarga anda! http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7051320 

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