Jumaat, 16 Mei 2014

Rajin-Rajin la baca.. BAnyak ilmu ngan contest ada.. Klik dan baca sendiri

Could You Be The One To Win Up To RM7,000 In This InstaPhoto Contest?  http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7059506

Ice-cream lovers in KL, Penang and Sabah should see this MasterChef in action! http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7179484

Good news worth RM100 if you 'like’ these food pics! #SAYSFoodAwards

Berapa banyak Cornetto aiskrim yang boleh anda makan untuk Taylor Swift? Try lah! http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6979380

1 Gambar. 1 Hashtag. RM5,000. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7054908

Want a FREE trip to Seoul to meet K-pop superstars with your best friend? http://bit.ly/1n0g5nM

You could win an all-expense paid VIP trip to the F1 Grand Prix in Belgium!  http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-6991126

[GALERI] Mural Kucing #KAX Ditemui Di Stesen LRT Masjid Jamek http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7142782

Have you seen all the awesome perks you can get from Hotlink's 'Hot Ticket Extra'? http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7039852

Chuckei And Four Girls Share Skincare Problems Every Malaysian Girl Goes Through http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7139956

Worrying news for football fans this World Cup season. http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7187156

Have you heard of these VIP benefits by Hotlink? http://afiqah220511.readthisstory.net/my-7187164

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