Jumaat, 13 Jun 2014

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[VIDEO] Dennis Yin shows Malaysians how to spot a football zombie. http://bit.ly/1v9fdxe

Gain New Perspective At These 7 Breathtaking Places On Earth http://bit.ly/1oijy1w

Will you paint your face to support your favourite World Cup team? http://bit.ly/1v20gNr

Redefining Your Perspective On Old Klang Road With 9 Seputeh http://bit.ly/1v5usap

The #LexusChronicles: It all started in Mutiara Damansara… How will the story unfold? http://bit.ly/1v9fTTr

Wanna get FAAAST and FREE Internet ANYTIME you want? http://bit.ly/1uIEHl5

Can you predict the best players of each match? Join our WINMANIA Contest http://bit.ly/1oiiiLY

Rahsia-rahsia Elfira Loy yang CONFIRM, semua wanita Malaysia nak tahu. http://bit.ly/1v9hRTE

[VIDEO] What happens when Jinnyboy from hitz fm trains Ean to become the perfect boyfriend material. http://bit.ly/1n3Givx

Was it me or did Michael Jackson just moonwalk at Jonker Walk? http://bit.ly/1skVDjQ

Tell them the 1 thing that matters to you and see what you’ll get in return. http://bit.ly/1so88uT

Buy a new Acer Iconia A1 tablet powered by Intel® Atom™ processor & save up to RM230! http://bit.ly/1nfRZzt

Who else wants a FREE 50” LED TV to watch World Cup matches on? http://bit.ly/1nfS7yM


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